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PitchBlack Games announces Prime: Battle for Dominus


PitchBlack Games has officially unveiled its new upcoming title, Prime: Battle for Dominus. The game takes a departure from the omnipresent high-fantasy genre, opting instead for a futuristic science-fiction approach. Built on the HERO engine, Prime is named for the element that is the key source of contention in the game's world. This so-called "prime element" is used to power all of the game's advanced technology, and players will find themselves fighting tooth and nail for control of this precious commodity.

Players can choose to join one of three playable factions: the Humans, the genetically modified Rodon, or the young race of the Salent. Developers boast that the game will include 11 seamless, fully explorable worlds, each with its own secrets for players to uncover. Players can establish control of these worlds by constructing bases from which to push back invaders who will come in search of precious prime. As one might guess, PvP looks to play a large role in the game, with each faction fighting for dominance over valuable resources with which to advance its own ends. Players looking to make a profit can take up the mantle of the bounty hunter and sell their services to the highest bidder. Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the game, however, is GM-run events. Prime will offer live events to provide an unprecedented level of player engagement. If you want to find out more about this promising new title or apply to test the game, head on over to the game's official site.

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