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World of WarCrafts: Sculptural delights

Anne Stickney

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Sculpture is one of those things that sounds like it ought to be easier than just drawing, when you think about it -- after all, you don't have to make a two-dimensional object look three-dimensional, do you? My sister used to mess around with modeling clay and Sculpey when we were both young, and I was continually amazed by the teeny tiny details she managed to eke out of a lump of clay. However, in all her repertoire of sculpture I'm pretty sure she never attempted anything like what we've got featured for you guys today.

From an incredibly detailed troll shaman to an adorable moonkin hatchling, today's various submissions are a testament to what a lot of work and even more patience can produce out of a lifeless lump of clay. Check out the gallery for a look at today's sculptural submissions, and follow us after the break to see what can be done with a bit of Sculpey and the imagination to turn it into something more!

Gallery: World of WarCrafts: Sculptural delights | 11 Photos

Our first submission comes from Cassandra Martin, who created a replica of her troll shaman, Heari'taj. This sculpture may be large, but it's full of tiny, realistic details that breathe life into the piece. "I'm from an RP server and I love playing with the designs of my characters, and my shaman seemed like a fun subject to practice a new technique in sculpting I am studying," Cassandra explains.

"He's made from an aluminum armature, Sculpey III clay and acrylic paint. His hair is embroidery yarn, and his trinkets are mostly found objects with a few Sculpey additions like the red dragon scale, little skull, and fulgurite (the little pointed stone hanging off his kilt, it's what happens when lightning hits sand!). The totems are real sticks and Sculpey masks."

So just how big is this sculpture? Cassandra continues, "The sculpture is about 14 inches tall, I took it out in my yard and crouched down to get the photos. I have been sculpting semi-professionally for about eight years now, but this is my first Warcraft character sculpt. I also have a few illustrations that are Warcraft-related in my gallery. I'm actually working on another similarly-sized sculpt of my troll death knight because I think the textures of undead skin are going to be really fun to play with, as well as his little Disgusting Oozeling buddy!"

Be sure to send us some photos of the next complete project Cassandra, we'd love to see them!

Aw, who could resist the smiling face of such a teeny druid? Our next piece is from Vidyala, author of the World of Warcraft blog Manalicious. When she's not writing raid guides or other World of Warcraft impressions and thoughts, Vidyala is posting various art projects, including the druid pictured above. "Shaedre is my druid, once a main, now an alt -– once a character I roleplayed, now one I just think of fondly. The Shae sculpture is about 2" tall. She sits underneath my monitor and cheers me up when a raid night includes an indecent amount of wipes!" Vidyala says.

But this isn't the first piece Vidyala has done. "She's actually not the first one I did, if it helps to see others for comparison, I did a plain colored Sculpey one first that you can also see at my blog. The small Vidyala is also about 2" tall if you measure from the top of her horns. Millya (in the red dress) is 2". Clearly I need a more standardized production system! I think Shae turned out the best because of that :D grin, whereas Millya looks scary (also possibly a bit like 'The Count'? One tiny figurine, ha-ha-ha...)."

Our last submission comes courtesy of tauren shaman Raffi, guild leader of Death by Design from the Cenarius server (US-H). But this isn't a sculpture he made himself, as he explains. "When Blizzard offered up the Moonkin Hatchling companion for purchase (with proceeds going to the Make A Wish Foundation) it didn't take me long to drop my $10 in the bucket. Like the Leslie Nielson called third-strike scene in Naked Gun, I can't possibly imagine doing anything but smiling, enjoying and laughing at the boomkin dance ... especially the spin move. It's awesome!"

"My daughter, who's finishing her Junior year in high school, was walking by while I was dancing with my moonkin hatchling -- it happens ALL the time -- and the next thing I heard was this shriek and "That's the cutest thing ever!" Alas, she wasn't talking about Raffi, but his ace companion, the Moonkin Hatchling." Raffi continues.

"So earlier this week, my daughter came home from school with a box in hand (she takes AP Art and Ceramics classes) and I didn't think anything of it ... it's the end of the school year and supplies need to come home at the end of the school year. Imagine my delight when she gave me my own Moonkin Hatchling! W00t! Just wanted to share this awesome Warcraft artifact with you." Thanks for sharing, Raffi!

If you'd like to see more of Cassandra Martin's work, you can check out her account on Deviantart. For more from Vidyala, take a look at her blog, Manalicious, which updates regularly with useful World of Warcraft information and art projects on Tuesdays.

Have some World of Warcraft related artwork, sculpture, or other projects of your own? Send in a submission and your art could be featured on World of WarCrafts too!

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