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Yahoo App Search, AppSpot make sense of App Store and Android Market

Darren Murph

It's a common problem, really. You crack open your app haven of choice, stumble around for a few moments, and back out in frustration -- it's yet another round of Angry Birds instead of toying with something new. If Yahoo has its way, said scenario will no longer be a part of your routine, with the company's App Search wizardry aiming to nix the guesswork so often associated with finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. It'll be available on the PC (and momentarily, for iPhone and Android platforms), and will differ from those other app search alternatives by providing an all-in-one place that combines description, price, overall star rating from users, and screenshots. It'll also pester you with daily, personalized recommendations of the iPhone and Android apps you should consider based on the apps you've downloaded, but only if you're into that kind of thing. Head on past the break for the full spill, and feel free to Ctrl+F for the good stuff.

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Spotting your new favorite app just got easier
Yahoo! App Search and AppSpot Take the Guesswork Out of Finding an App

Today Yahoo! introduced not one, but two fun and fast ways that help you discover new and relevant iPhone and Android apps: Yahoo! App Search for the PC, and AppSpot, a free mobile app for iPhone and Android users. Together, they take the guesswork out of finding apps that fit your life.

With 425,000-plus apps in the Apple App Store and 200,000 apps in Android Market, we know finding what you want can be exhausting. And even more challenging: There are times you don't know the specific name of the app, so you're leaving it up to chance that you're actually downloading the app you really want.

Using Yahoo!'s powerful search technology, App Search and AppSpot allow you to zero-in on any app by showing matching app titles with a full comprehensive description, price, overall star rating from users, and screenshots in one spot to help you with your decision: to download or not to download. For an enhanced mobile experience, Yahoo! AppSpot delivers daily, completely personalized recommendations of the iPhone and Android apps you should consider based on the apps you've downloaded.

We're giving you a better way – both for discovering apps that are most relevant to you and finding the utility apps that help get the job done – regardless of the type of device or platform.


Yahoo! Mobile Takes the Confusion Out of App Discovery

Today, Yahoo! Mobile is introducing a fun, fast way to search and discover iPhone and Android apps. Yahoo! AppSpot, a new mobile application, works like a flashlight in the darkness of more than 425,000-plus apps in the Apple App Store and 200,000 apps in Android Market.

At Yahoo! Mobile, we understand how challenging it can be to find good apps if you don't know the exact name of the app you want. Furthermore, searching for the right app out of the tens of thousands of possibilities requires multiple searches, downloads, and general uncertainty about the quality of app you download. Yahoo! AppSpot offers a new way to take the guesswork out of finding relevant and interesting apps for mobile users.

Some of Yahoo! AppSpot's best features include:

Daily Personal Picks: Unlike 'Top Apps' lists that provide the same apps day after day, you'll get new, personalized app suggestions on a daily basis, so you're always introduced to the latest, most interesting, and relevant apps.
More Precise Results: Using Yahoo!'s sophisticated search technology, quickly zero-in on an app by showing matching app titles as well as related keywords as you type.
Related Apps: Discover similar apps within the "more apps you'll love" section to find related apps that best match your needs.
At-a-Glance Shopping: Review the price, overall star ratings, screenshots, and description all on one screen to avoid the endless scrolling.
Fast & Easy Downloads: Direct links to the specific app pages within the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace make downloading an app a snap.

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