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Droid X gets friendly with CyanogenMod 7 beta, nightlies to follow (video)

Zachary Lutz

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After months of labor and many helping hands, a tenacious modder known as "cvpcs" has succeeded with his efforts to bring CyanogenMod 7 to the Motorola Droid X. While this is still a beta release, fixes are coming swiftly and the developer intends to deliver nightly updates to resolve the outstanding issues -- the camera is non-functional, for instance. If you're willing to take the plunge with this one, you'll need to revert to Froyo for sake of kernel compatibility (but don't worry, CM7 is Gingerbread-based). Also, the most recent set of Google apps aren't working yet, so you'll need to grab an older release. All the juicy details -- along with the CM4DX download -- can be found at the source, and we've included some helpful guides to get you on the right path. So if you're feeling wily this weekend and Moto's Gingerbread isn't fitting the bill, be sure to thank "cvpcs" for his dedication.

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