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Full-screen web apps should get a JavaScript boost in iOS 5


Lots of information about iOS 5 is still hidden under the developer NDA, but here's one tidbit that's sneaked out: Some web apps will be faster under the new operating system. So says one developer over on a coding message board; it confirms the rumor that full-screen web apps opened from the iPhone and iPod touch's homescreen will get to take advantage of the JavaScript Nitro engine.

In terms of what this means for users, there's not a lot of difference -- you'll still click the icon on your homescreen and the web app will launch like normal. But behind the scenes, if the web page you load uses Nitro, it'll work quicker than usual. Keep in mind that neither full-screen web apps nor browser views within apps have had access to this high-speed engine in iOS 4, so this is an improvement.

Web apps that run outside of Safari, however, using an iOS class called UIWebViews, still won't use this souped-up engine for JavaScript. As the hackers explain, that's at least partially due to security concerns in terms of what UIWebViews can and can't do.

But it's nice to know that some of the web apps you may use on your iPhone or iPad may see a speed boost with the new OS. When it comes to web pages, faster is almost always better.

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