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PlanetSide Next to be unveiled at SOE Fan Faire


Even eight years after its launch, Sony Online Entertainment's PlanetSide still retains a healthy (and borderline fanatical) playerbase. This is almost certainly owed largely to the fact that PlanetSide remains one of the scant few MMOFPS games on the market. PlanetSide players, though, have been thirsting for more for quite some time. Thankfully, it appears the wait will soon be over.

Rumors have been flying for what seems like ages alongside a few sparse screenshots, but PlanetSide Next will soon be officially unveiled at the upcoming SOE Fan Faire this July. John Smedley, President of SOE, announced on his Twitter, "For all you PlanetSide Next fans, stay tuned for a big announcement at our upcoming Fan Faire in Vegas!" You heard the man! Keep your weapons in their holsters for just a while longer and keep an eye on Massively because we'll be sure to have all the freshest information as soon as it's out.

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