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Ra's al Ghul's Revenge goes live for DC Universe Online

Eliot Lefebvre

Are you ready to face off against a nearly immortal enemy? That's what DC Universe Online players will be up against starting today, as the latest game update throws Ra's al Ghul at the players. The eponymous terrorist and assassin is embarking on his latest scheme to wipe humans from the planet with biological weapons, forcing players to brave the League of Assassins' Stronghold with the possibility of earning several new rewards. But there's more to the latest update beyond just the new villain for players to oppose.

Poison Ivy is also hitting the scene in a big way, trying to strengthen her connection the mystical plant realm known only as the Green. That puts her at odds with the elemental Swamp Thing, forcing heroic and villainous players to team up with the faction-appropriate character and either aid or thwart Ivy's goals. DC Universe Online players can begin downloading and playing the update immediately, just in time to get some solid play in for the weekend.

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