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Killzone 3's 'From the Ashes' DLC detailed, adds four multiplayer maps

Sony and Guerrilla Games have revealed a bit of the content included in Killzone 3's upcoming "From the Ashes" DLC, a four-map pack which will arrive on the PSN this coming Tuesday for $4.99. The pack is divided into two Warzone maps, including the deadly, deactivated Lente Missile Base; and two Guerrilla Warfare battlegrounds, such as the Mobile Factory, a gargantuan vehicle pulled from the game's single-player campaign. Check out videos of these two maps after the jump.

If you haven't grabbed any of the shooter's post-launch DLC, you can also grab the new maps in the aptly named Bundle Pack, which also includes the four maps from the Steel Rain and Retro Packs for a cool $9.99. Just try to comprehend that value: For a ten-spot, you get eight extra Killzones for your Killzone 3.

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