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PSN's new abstract racing game 'Dyad' grabs our attention


So you've just devoured both PixelJunk Racers games and Art Style: Light Trax. Where do you go now for the next experience in the suddenly-now-a-genre field of abstract racing? Developer ][ Games is working on the next entry in that nascent genre, Dyad, a downloadable game for PS3.

Dyad uses a combo-based system to build speed, instead of simply forcing the player to find a racing line. You must "interact with your enemies in unique and varying ways in order to gain speed," and said interaction seems to involve grabbing onto enemies and then slingshotting yourself from them.

Maybe we're not 100% clear on the concept, but we're pretty sure watching these glowing shapes speed down a tube of light has thoroughly hypnotized us. Watch the video for yourself after the break.

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