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Breakfast Topic: Who would you cast for WoW Insider: The Movie?

Ian Rosenfield

Sure, everyone's excited for the Warcraft movie, and who isn't guessing who'll bring Arthas to life (or death, as it were). But who would your dream cast be for WoW Insider: The Movie? First, the most obvious -- Liam Neeson would play Matt Rossi. Neeson can wear an impressive beard, but it's more his cold determination that makes him perfect for this role. That, and a certain line about setting mythical sea creatures free.

Next up is J. K. Simmons as Adam Holisky. After mastering both J. Jonah Jameson and Cave Johnson, I think he can take on Holisky. Third in line our favorite hunter columnist. I'm going to take a chance and say that Michele Marrow should play Frostheim. Sure, we'd have to rewrite the part for her, but I bet Michele Marrow could get him down pat.

Now, if we're talking about absolute dream casting here, when I think of Fox Van Allen and Tyler Caraway there are only two people that come to mind. Fox would have to be played by Walter Matthau, and Tyler by Jack Lemmon.

More choices after the break.

Robin Torres would be played by Felicia Day, a multitasking extraordinaire.

Mat McCurley would be played by Bill Murray, Ghostbusters I & II era. If Mat hasn't been Dr. Peter Venkman for at least one Halloween, I'll be sad.

Allison Robert would be played by Bart the Bear. That's right, Allison would be played by an actual bear.

Alex Ziebart would be played by Mandy Patinkin, known for his role as Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride. Quiet, yet not someone you mess with. (Editor's note: Dead Like Me also shows Patinkin handing out death assignments, surprisingly similar to our job as editors.)

Michael Gray would be played by Robert Downey, Jr. Rugged, handsome, and able to do a lot of different things.

Anne Stickney would be played by Natalie Portman. Portman has been in a new movie every six weeks this year. Anne does so many podcasts, she makes Portman look lazy.

Christian Belt would be played by Samuel L. Jackson. Have you seen how many warlock columnists he's taken out? He is one B.A.M.F.!

Sarah Nichol would be played by Lily Allen. Allen hasn't acted before, but she is not afraid to say what she thinks!

Liz Harper would be played by Ellen McLain, who was the voice of GLaDOS and the turrets in Portal and Portal 2. If you say its when you mean it's, SHE WILL END YOU.

Who do you think should play your favorite blogger? Susan Sarandon as Lisa Poisso? Should Neil Patrick Harris play Mike Sacco? He'd have to work on the hair, though. Who should play the community regulars, like Orkchop, Cutaia, Amaxe, Grovin, MattK, and even the long-lost troll Vlad?

I'm leaving those open to you.

Have you ever wanted to write for WoW Insider? Your chance may be right around the corner. Watch for our next call for submissions, and be sure to sign up for Seed, the Aol guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider. The next byline you see here may be yours!

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