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Apple unveils new 3 TB Time Capsule model (Updated)


Just as we were digesting the Final Cut Pro X arrival, word comes that Apple is also unveiling a new Time Capsule model. The 3TB model appears in the image header of the Time Capsule page on Apple's website, but full product details are not yet available. We'll keep you updated as new information is released.

The part numbers and FCC IDs of the new units leaked last night, so it was reasonable to expect the actual devices pretty quickly. TUAW first reported that an AirPort/Time Capsule refresh was in the works back on June 1, when retail supplies of the wireless routers began to dry up.

Update: The new 3 TB Time Capsule will be priced at $499 and is available now on Apple's web site. The 2TB is $299. Looks like the product got a capacity bump, but that rumored tie-in to iCloud did not materialize.

[hat tip MacStories]

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