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Final Fantasy XI to merge PlayOnline accounts with Square-Enix accounts

Eliot Lefebvre

For a long time now, PlayOnline has been the albatross that Final Fantasy XI players have to contend with. The fact that the service essentially serves as an oversized launcher for the game has long been a point of mild frustration to console gamers and a massive annoyance to PC players. But change is coming in the form of an upcoming account merge, merging all PlayOnline IDs into Square-Enix accounts and removing the cumbersome launcher-based process for handling service changes.

The change will begin rolling out at the end of July and will run until August 31st, giving players ample opportunity to complete the transfer process and manage accounts solely through the website. While a full walkthrough is not yet available, preliminary questions have already been answered in an official support topic. Final Fantasy XI will still need to launch through the PlayOnline service, but it should be a boon to players to have at least one less set of account credentials to misplace.

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