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Huawei Sonic brings NFC goodness to Android on-the-cheap, goes sightseeing in Turkey

Brad Molen

We know our in-depth look into NFC has you salivating, compelling you to shop around for devices that have this capability built-in. With all of the expensive options available or announced, is there any relief for those of us who just want to dabble in the wireless world for less? Take a gander at the Huawei Sonic, the affordable Android handset that just so happens to have NFC functionality inside. It's hitting the market in the near future as the Turkcell-branded T20, and could be all yours for the low, low price of €150 ($215). From the looks of the hands-on video shown after the break, this inexpensive gem will come with Gingerbread pre-installed, a feat that a sizeable chunk of Android devices can't even boast. No word of availability outside of Turkey for now, though it's already been given the go-ahead from the FCC. If it does show up stateside, the coin you save on this phone could be spent on other things -- using your new Google Wallet, of course.

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