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New Hori PS3 controller has rotating D-pad, so many other options


Peripheral maker Hori put a countdown page on its site leading to the reveal of an exciting mystery product ... and it's a new PS3 controller! Maybe the Hori Pad 3 Pro isn't the dramatic reveal we expected, but it looks like a pretty nice device.

The Hori Pad 3 Pro builds on previous Hori controller offerings with a d-pad that can be rotated to provide the most comfortable position, as well as customizable d-pad input range. We don't really understand how that last one works, though it seems to involve setting the range between two directions at which a diagonal input is registered.

It also features customizable analog stick sensitivity, three levels of turbo fire with a quick activation button on the back of the controller ... and, unfortunately, a wire. The Horipad Pro will be released in Japan on July 21. Odds are pretty good you'll be able to get one soon after; Amazon stocks previous Hori Pad variants.

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