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Skarlet enters the Mortal Kombat arena today, Kombat Pass also at GameStop


Skarlet, Mortal Kombat's bloody female ninja, is available as paid DLC today. You can get her either as a standalone download for 400 MS Points ($5), or as part of the 1200 MS Point ($15) Mortal Kombat Season Pass on Xbox 360, where you pay a large sum up front and then gain access to all of the DLC cheaper than buying it piecemeal.

We've tucked a gameplay trailer for Skarlet just past the break. She's the first of four new characters promised throughout the rest of the summer.

Warner Bros. also informs us that you can go into your local GameStop and pick up a Kombat Pass there, if you're one of those oddballs who needs a physical object when handing cash over for goods and/or services. Oh, and if you're skipping the DLC altogether, don't forget to download the compatibility pack. It'll net you some retro costumes for Cyrax and Sektor!

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