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Sputnik 0667 PC mod: perfect for your early 1900s living room


Do ya hate that slick, aluminum unibody design that you just shelled out a thousand plus smackers for? Looking for something that just screams alt-tech, not high-tech? Then please, feast your steampunky eyes on this beauty of a PC mod that'll fit perfectly alongside your Memaw's china closet. Crafted by Swedish art student Love Hulten, this wood-grained cabinet of wonders takes its design cues from "the 20th century and old hi-fi." Hiding under that well-varnished hood is a Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3 Mini-ITX motherboard with a 3.2GHz Core i3 500 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 500GB HDD and a GeForce GTX 460 GPU and a log-fire power supply. Love's hybrid commode is up for sale, but you'll have to contact the artist himself to get pricing. Check the sources below for a few more shots, as well as a bit of inspiration from the last millennium.

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