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Trion Worlds releases more juicy details on RIFT's free shard transfers


Tomorrow marks the launch of RIFT's patch 1.3, Waves of Madness, bringing with it a wealth of new features. But forget new raids, guild banks, vanity items, and all that hullabaloo. Everyone knows this patch is all about one thing: free shard transfers (for both lone players and guilds alike). Hyperbolic, you say? Blasphemy!

With this in mind, RIFT's Project Manager FireCait dropped by the forums today to fill players in on the finer points of server transfers. For instance, characters can be transferred once every seven days, though they must be level 15 to be eligible for transfer. Any character on any server can be transferred, but the possible destination servers will be limited based on faction population. And lastly, select shards will now be designated as Trial shards. Only Trial players will be able to roll new characters on these shards, and subscribers on these shards will be able to transfer off at any level, circumventing the usual level 15 requirement. For the full details, as well as the starting list of eligible transfer destination servers, check out the forum post!

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