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Breakfast Topic: How do you make your characters?

Andrew Ross

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I like to consider making characters a bit of an art. My girlfriend's brother just chooses a class/race he doesn't have an alt of, hits the random appearance button, and then gives himself a name based on obscure foods or food companies. Her sister ... let's just say she could spend the whole day making her characters. My girlfriend seems to start out with a general popular character in mind and then twists it where she needs differences (or where the game forces imperfections of that character).

I'm a former roleplayer, but I'm also team oriented ... mainly for PUGs. For example, my current main is a DK I made when WotLK launched. I liked the idea of the class, I loved Death Grip, and I wanted to play a needed class without the option of a possible healer spec. (I've been a healer for years, so I feel like I've earned retirement.) Based on the character skills and theme, I chose the name of a well known nomadic warrior, but shortened his name tremendously because I love having a name that's easy to type.

For his appearance, I looked at what other people did, and tried to steer clear of a few things, like popular skin options. I love having beards (mainly because my beard in real life always develops a cowlick when it reaches epic lengths), but once in awhile I can make a feminine looking character without actually rolling a lady. I'm fickle that way.

So how do you come up with your characters? Do you randomize? Pick names based on Street Fighter characters? Or just go with the flavor of the month?

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