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Champions Online's weekly comic series continues in Bad Dreams Are Made of This


In the last issue of Champions Online's weekly Aftershock comic series, A Long, Long Way From Home, our heroes found themselves in far deeper danger than they had expected. Operation Demonflame veteran and UNTIL soldier Sergeant Jim Collins had been manipulated by Despair Incarnate, a champion of the cosmic horrors known as the Kings of Edom. Though our heroes were able to contend with the Kings' champion, they were too late to prevent it from teleporting the entire fortress into the chaotic Qliphothic realm. Our heroes managed to save the few surviving UNTIL soldiers, but still they remain in this demented, dangerous dimension. Why were they brought here? Will they ever escape?

The story continues in this week's issue of Aftershock, titled Bad Dreams Are Made of This (someone at Cryptic is a Eurythmics fan), which sees our heroes taking shelter in a strange cave in the Qliphothic realm. But all is not well, as the recently rescued UNTIL troops have once again fallen captive to the eldritch Horrors of the dimension. Now our heroes must give chase through twisting caverns that descend ever-deeper into the Qliphothic realm in order to save the UNTIL soldiers and find a way back home.

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