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Virgin Gaming holding $40K Killzone 3 tournament


Virgin Gaming wants to give you up to $10,000! There's a catch, though ... if you want to rescue that loot from Sir Richard Branson's cavernous coffers, you first have to prove your dominance in the field of Killzone 3.

Qualifying rounds for the "Killzone 3 Edge Challenge" open June 27 for the team-based tournament, with $10K up for grabs by the winning team at the end of the six-week event. In addition, weekly stat-based weekly challenges will be posted on Virgin Gaming's site, with their cash prizes. The first challenge: get the most kills!

All told, Virgin is giving away $40,000 in this tournament, which is a promotional partnership between Virgin Gaming, Sony, and, nonsensically enough, Edge shave gel. Do you even shoot one uncovered face in Killzone 3? How do you know how close a Helghast's shave is?

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