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Denon, Marantz show off 2011 receiver lineups, how much they love AirPlay


D&M Holdings, home to Denon, Marantz and Boston Acoustics picked this week to show off a slew of new receivers, and while TrustedReviews has most of them compiled we'll just focus on a few. The big thing to remember this year is AirPlay, with 2011 line featuring support for Apple's tech built-in from the beginning, with no need for a $49 update. Denon has branded its line of receivers the IN-Command series and is calling AirPlay "cybernetic telepathy" -- how impressed you are probably has to do with whether or not your setup is already Apple-imbued and you've ever used DLNA with Play To. Marantz's trick up its sleeve is the Wizz app for iPhone (Android and iPad versions due in Q4) that controls its smart receivers. It's promising DLNA 1.5 certification, FLAC-HD playback and even a new "Advanced GUI" that promises easier setup on its king SR6006 receiver (pictured above) that's priced at £849 in the UK. Check the course links for more models and specs, and bring your iPads.

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