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Report: Ubisoft's next Rainbow Six to focus on moral dilemmas

Kotaku reports that it recently checked out an early video demonstration for an upcoming entry in Ubisoft's long-dormant tactical shooter franchise, Rainbow Six -- from which the image above was supposedly culled. According to the report, the game tasks the elite unit with stopping the threat of a homegrown terrorist cell from visiting destruction upon New York City; a goal which will present the player with a multitude of frequent moral dilemmas.

One sequence of the demo apparently puts players in the shoes of a kidnapping victim who must hold down a trigger to keep an explosive vest from detonating. Later in the demo, the player shoots his way to the victim (either killing or incapacitating his enemies), and then must decide between risking the lives of everyone else on the bridge, or tossing the poor sod into the river below. It sounds interesting -- but according to Kotaku, Ubisoft is still on the fence about whether these moral decisions will make it into the final cut of the game.

We've contacted Ubisoft about the report, and will keep our eyes peeled for the reported video. We're also going to go play a few rounds of Terrorist Hunt, because man, we've got the itch.

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