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Uncharted Waters Online moves to gPotato

Eliot Lefebvre

gPotato already hosts a substantial number of different games -- Aika, Allods Online, and Rappelz spring to mind as some of the more familiar names. But that list has just expanded by one more entry, as Uncharted Waters Online joins the service. The 15th-century naval game allows players to create a naval pioneer during the Age of Exploration from any of the six major powers of the time, adventuring in the (highly stylized) backdrop of the era.

To celebrate the change in service, the game is running two new events: a new player contest with a number of high-end prizes and a doubled experience event for all players below a certain level. Both events will be running until late July, giving everyone interested in the game ample time to take part. So whether you're an old fan of Uncharted Waters Online or you're new to the concept, it seems like a fine time to give it a shot.

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