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'Adroit' controller line to make games more accessible


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Evil Controllers, a company that augments controllers by adding LED lights, d-pad upgrades, auto-fire and other extra capabilities, has announced a plan that we can't find evil no matter how much we look. It's working with the AbleGamers Foundation to design accessible peripherals for disabled gamers.

The "Adroit" line of controllers is intended to enhance accessibility at an affordable cost. "The problem with equipment currently available to help the disabled community get into videogames is that it often costs way more than someone on disability can afford," EIC Steve Spohn said in the announcement. "These controllers will be higher quality with lower cost. What's not to love?"

AbleGamers and Evil Controllers haven't released specifics about the Adroit line yet, mentioning only that it " will include all of the fan favorite features available on Evil Controllers mods". More information about the first releases will be divulged "within the next few weeks," according to the press release. In the meantime, feel free to be thoroughly teased by the video after the break.

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