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Atrix 4G bootloader unlocked: you can hack it up today or wait for official Gingerbread update

Vlad Savov

The Atrix 4G is today an eminently more intriguing smartphone than it was yesterday. Leaked code from Motorola's upcoming Gingerbread update for the handset has made its way into the hands of the always-eager coders at xda-developers, which has resulted in two things: one, the discovery that Motorola intends to unlock the Atrix's bootloader when it upgrades it to Android 2.3, and two, downloadable files to let you do exactly that today, even if you're still stuck on Froyo. Moto users have been pleading for this change for a long time and Motorola did pledge to make it happen across its portfolio of devices, but it comes as a mild (and happy) surprise to see this change being effected retroactively. Check the links below to see how you can unchain your phone's bootloader if you can't wait for the official software to drop.

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