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Cabal readies Episode VI: Legacy of Darkness expansion

Jef Reahard

Summer's heating up for denizens of Nevareth (that's the world of Cabal Online, if you're scoring at home), and the free-to-play MMO's Legacy of Darkness expansion looks to add a fair bit of the content to the game very shortly.

The Episode VI update "throws a series of challenging encounters at players of all levels including outdoor bosses, a dungeon point system, a revamped upgrading system, and a brand new time-based instance [called] Maquinas Outpost," according to a new press release.

The new dungeon boasts some slick rewards too, not the least of which is the drool-inducing Drei Frame armor set. Episode VI: Legacy of Darkness also boasts its share of smaller gameplay tweaks, chief among them improved drop rates, new customization items, new pets, and increased success rates on rune crafting. While we can't give you a definitive release date as of yet, we can tell you to head to the official Cabal website for further details.

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