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Matt "Positron" Miller discusses designing City of Heroes Freedom


Whenever a subscription-based MMO announces its transition to a free-to-play model, players tend to worry. There are a number of aspects to the F2P model that can drastically change the game's dynamics. Will players who pay have an innate advantage over those who don't? What about rewards for the customers who have remained loyal subscribers over the years?

The folks at Paragon Studios understand these concerns, and Matt "Positron" Miller has posted up a short diary explaining the thought process behind the recently announced City of Heroes Freedom. Miller takes the time to assure players that the switch to a hybrid payment model is not a decision the team made lightly, and that the devs have plans set to ensure that the game remains enjoyable for long-time subscribers and new, non-paying players alike. It's a rather interesting and candid look into the philosophy behind the switch and is well worth the read for any CoH fan. You can check out the whole piece on the official site.

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