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The Secret World unveils the Kingsmouth Lighthouse

Jef Reahard

There's something spooky about your average lighthouse, particularly when viewed through the gloomy gauze of a dark and storm-drenched night. It's no surprise, then, that The Secret World will feature a lighthouse or two, and Funcom's latest location reveal centers around the beacon located by the port town of Kingsmouth.

This particular lighthouse was built by the Illuminati in the 1700s. The purpose was two-fold. First was obviously the desire to see ships safely into the harbor. Beneath that benign exterior, though, lurked "a clear and powerful statement: This was Illuminati territory, their eye was all-seeing, their light shone brighter and stronger than any other."

Today, the Kingsmouth Lighthouse still holds its share of secrets. The facility was automated at some point in the past and has since fallen into a state of neglect. A hidden staircase is rumored to exist somewhere in the rock at the lighthouse's base, and bronze panels inscribed with warding symbols have been reported as well. Eccentric author Sam Krieg has also taken up residence, and while we could tell you more about this eclectic location, there'd be no reason for you to visit the official Secret World website.

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