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UK students' 1,980 MPG car scores first place in marathon race, by a 1,000 MPG margin


A car that looks like the one above and gets the "equivalent" of 1,980 miles to the gallon (and one gallon only) is certainly impressive enough on its own, but it's all the more so when you consider that it's driven by a 14-year-old and built by his classmates (with a little assistance, of course). This particular vehicle hails from Kingdown School in Wiltshire, England, and it won the recent Mallory Park Mileage Marathon by a margin of more than 1,000 MPG over its next closest competitor. Not surprisingly, however, the students are already looking to improve things for next years' race, and say they're planning on upgrading the engine for starters. No word if they're considering an X-Prize challenge after that.

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