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Engadget Mobile Podcast 093 - 06.25.2011

Trent Wolbe

If we had to make one Seinfeld joke about this week's Engadget Mobile Podcast, it would be "WHAT is the DEAL with Nokia?!" The gentle Finnish giant had a lot of weird and wonderful things up its giant-sized sleeve, and it'll take the giants of Mobile Tech podcasting to run through it all, so you'll be clicking that play/download link presently...if you don't want us to come let our anaconda loose in your house.

Hosts: Myriam Joire (tnkgrl), Vlad Savov
Guest: Brad Molen
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Daestro - Light Powered (Ghostly International)

00:01:30 - Nokia N9 first hands-on! (update: video)
00:19:50 - Editorial: Dear Nokia, you cannot be serious!
00:22:17 - Nokia's first Windows Phone: images and video, codenamed 'Sea Ray'
00:27:05 - Nokia's Android flirtations revealed
00:37:00 - Atrix 4G bootloader unlocked: you can hack it up today or wait for official Gingerbread update
00:43:42 - HTC EVO 4G+ official, but is it destined for Sprint?
00:49:30 - Sharp Aquos SH-12C 3D smartphone hands-on (video)
01:05:12 - Verizon's 'DataGate' plans leaked in excruciating detail
01:18:13 - Dutch net neutrality first in EU, mobile operators side-eye KPN
01:22:18 - Prototype dual-screened 2-in-1 Android smartpad from Imerj preview

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