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Turn your iOS device and Logitech Alert into a home security system


This is a really neat way to use your iPad. Gear Diary received the Logitech Alert for review, which allows creation of a do-it-yourself indoor or outdoor security system. When you're all set, download the free Logitech Alert app, and you are ready to monitor your home or business when you're not there. You can use the app to access the camera at any time, and you can also have emails sent to you when motion sensors are activated.

Gear Diary was pretty impressed with the results, and it's not that expensive to get a basic security system installed in your home starting at around $299. Check out Gear Diary's review, and also one from The New York Times that goes a bit more in depth. If you want other iOS home security solutions, Auntie TUAW has a few suggestions for you.

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