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Before disbanding, LulzSec releases Battlefield Heroes data


The sextet of hackers known as "Lulz Security" may be done with their 50-day reign of semi-terror, but that doesn't mean the ramifications of their actions are over. In a final file released alongside yesterday's statement, the group released info from approximately 550,000 Battlefield Heroes beta user accounts (according to Rock, Paper, Shotgun) as well as the info from roughly 50,000 "random gaming forum" users. EA tells Eurogamer that the info was from "an early beta version" of the game, and "no emails, account history, credit card numbers or payment methods" were obtained.

Apparently the breach took down BF Heroes servers over the weekend, though EA also explained that it has recovered the free-to-play FPS to operational status. And though it's possible that some of the group's handiwork has yet to be discovered, we're hopeful that this is the last story of a breach we'll be writing after the hacking group's disbandment.

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