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Verizon stores struck by HTC Thunderbolt Wireless Charging Battery Cover

Joe Pollicino

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Solid as HTC's Thunderbolt may be from a software perspective, its battery life has proven to be less than striking -- unless you've been rocking it with that ultra-chunky extended battery. In comparison, its streamlined and Qi-certified battery cover was slated as another option, but there's been nary a mention of it since that accidental tease on Verizon's website in April. According to Droid Life, it's actually now available from Verizon retail locations for about $30 to complement the $70 charging base -- great for users who: a. hold disdain for cables, b. don't mind a few extra charges, or c. wear skinny jeans. There's no mention of when we'll see the hopefully convenient accessory pop up on Verizon's website, but at least it's out there somewhere for those willing to look.

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