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SureFire's UB3T Invictus flashlight is super-bright, not quite incendiary


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SureFire first announced its blindingly UB3T Invictus torch back in 2010, but it took until now for the company to get its 800-lumen flashlight out the door. As a point of comparison, the massive (almost as good a weapon as light) six D battery MagLite only spits out about 160 lumens -- so, yeah, the Invictus is pretty dang bright. Of course, pumping out that much illumination takes quite a toll on the three 123A cells inside its military-grade aluminum body. At maximum brightness the UB3T lasts just 1.7 hours, though, at the lowest 2-lumen setting it can keep (dimly) lighting your path for up to 150 hours. Unfortunately, you'll need to shell out $695 for the privilege of owning one, which seems a bit pricey when compared to the $150, 4,100 lumen Torch -- after all, you can't cook breakfast with the Invictus.

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