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I Am Alive found hiding on Australian game classification website


It's been nearly half a year since we last heard from Ubisoft about the long ago teased I Am Alive, but an Australia game rating classification for the title popped up yesterday, indicating it may be closer to release than we once thought. The listing doesn't reveal anything beyond what we already know about the game, granting it an MA 15+ "Strong Violence" rating.

I Am Alive was first officially revealed at E3 2008, and other than a new trailer shown at E3 2010, has been conspicuously quiet over the past couple years. When it was last spoken of by Ubisoft during a financial call, it was pushed to an amorphous "post-April 2011" launch window. As inferred by its title, it seems that the project is still being worked on somewhere, likely Ubisoft Shanghai, and that amorphous launch window may become more defined in the not-so-distant future.

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