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Limbo rating sought by Sony in Korea, could be PSN-bound

Shortly before last summer's release of Limbo – that year's top Xbox Live Summer of Arcade title "by a long stretch" – the ESRB erroneously listed the PlayStation 3 and PC platforms in addition to the Xbox 360. Developer Playdead's Dino Patti told us, "We are only launching the title on XBLA. You won't see a PS3 or PC version this time around, sorry."

However, like other Summer of Arcade indie exclusives before it including Braid and Castle Crashers, Limbo could make an appearance on Sony's platform after a period of exclusivity ... like, say, a year or so. The Korean Game Ratings Board has a listing for Limbo filed by Sony Computer Entertainment Korea. It so happens that the GRB has a pretty strong track record, outing Xbox Live Arcade titles like Fruit Ninja Kinect and Sega Rally Online Arcade. Before you get your hopes up, we've reached out to Playdead for a comment on the listing.

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