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TBH app leaks Gingerbread for Droid Charge


Team Black Hat's got a trick or two up its (we assume) matching black sleeve and it smells like Gingerbread 2.3.3 to us. Released via the hacking outfit's eponymous non-Android market app, this unofficial upgrade ups your Droid Charge's ante -- literally, as the app costs $2.99. Available in both carrier-bloat and non-bloated varieties, custom ROM-flashing addicts can now take this leak for a spin, and always downgrade via P3Droid's handy tweeted directions. Cost-conscious Charge owners shouldn't feel sidelined since the generous blokes behind TBH intend on distributing this gratis... in the next 48 hours. If waiting's not your game and you need this now, be sure to check the source for a black-market whiff of what Android's been serving.

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