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Apple to create 350 jobs in Cork, Ireland


There's good news for Cork, Ireland residents looking for work. The Irish Examiner is reporting that Apple intends to create 350 jobs in the city. Apple has reportedly leased the top two floors of a building on Cork's Half Moon Street (about 25,000 sq ft.), which was completed in 2009.

This won't be Apple's first cluster of offices in Ireland or in Cork for that matter. The Irish Examiner notes that Apple has had "a major presence" at Hollyhill on the northside of Cork. Also, the Examiner reports that Apple looked at several locations in Cork before deciding on the Half Moon Street spot.

Local retailers hope that Apple's staffers in "the striking glazed building" (that even sounds like a space Apple would occupy) will spend their hard-earned dollars at the city's restaurants, bars, shops and so on.

Good luck to Apple in its new space and to the mom-and-pop shops of Cork. May you have a long and lucrative relationship.

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