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It came from the Blog: Midsummer Flamefest 2011 snapshots


Last Saturday, It came from the Blog set fire to the Eastern Kingdoms for this year's Midsummer Flamefest. We started off in Silvermoon City with a party, then continued south through the continent until we reached Ironforge -- where we met our deaths. We honored or extinguished all of the fires in blood elf lands and Forsaken lands. We even bopped over to the Western Plaguelands, since it was right there.


There is no longer a flame to desecrate if you are Horde in Hillsbrad, so our first Alliance flame was Refuge Pointe in Arathi. We also got the ones in Menethil, Thelsamar and Khaz Modan. We didn't meet very much Alliance resistance until we got to Ironforge, but there, the Allies made up for it. A widdle gnome mage took me down several times, when the dwarven guards didn't get me themselves. Regardless, the event was tons of fun.

I didn't manage to get pictures of my many pathetic deaths, but they are all caught on video. You can see the gallery of flame below.

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Gallery: It came from the Blog: Midsummer Flamefest 2011 | 51 Photos

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