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Nielsen study shows climbing iPhone sales in the US


Nielsen has released the results of a new survey of mobile phone users in the US, and the word (almost) all around is growth. More and more people are buying smartphones, and while Android currently sits in the most popular smartphone spot (with 38% of smartphone owners holding Android devices), the iPhone is the fastest growing smartphone over the past few months. That's not to say that Android's not growing -- the whole market segment is. But according to Nielsen, the Verizon iPhone has spurred a new jump in iPhone sales recently.

Where's the picture not so rosy? At RIM -- the Blackberry line of phones has shrunk in market share by nearly five percent, and that's a trend that's probably not over quite yet. While much of this smartphone audience consists of completely new users to the market, there still has to be a loser, and for now, RIM is it.

That said, the smartphone market in general is booming, showing a real transition from the days of simpler feature phones to more functional devices.

[via Ars]

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