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Patch 4.2 hotfixes for June 29


Firelands trash keeps respawning on top of you? Can't figure out why you're not Skull Bashing? Keep getting stuck in combat long after the last enemy is killed? Wondering what the deal is with those damnable Cauldrons of Battle that run out of flasks too quickly and fail to despawn?

You're not alone. Blizzard has been keeping track of all these issues (and more) and wound up correcting a number of them in today's series of hotfixes. Some highlights:
  • Skull Bash should actually work in Firelands now.
  • Shannox's trash now respawns at 4-hour intervals, up from 2 hours.
  • Cauldrons no longer lose charges when they're clicked by someone who already has a Flask of Battle.
That's just a small taste -- a whole slew of changes will soon be hitting servers, if they're not there already. The full list of hotfixes is available after the break.

Patch 4.2 Hotfixes - June 29, 2011
  • Classes
    • Druids
      • Feral druids can now use Skull Bash in the Firelands raid. It only seems fair.
  • Dungeons & Raids
    • Baradin Hold
      • Eye of Occu'thar damage and health is now properly scaled for 10- and 25-player versions of the dungeon.
    • Blackwing Lair
      • All Brood Affliction debuffs applied by Chromaggus are now removed after zoning out of Blackwing Lair.
    • Firelands
      • The stationary Hell Hound pack at the front of the dungeon should no longer cause players to become stuck in combat.
      • There are now fewer Hell Hounds before Beth'tilac, making the engagement a little less... hellish.
      • Beth'tilac and her offspring now have increased health and damage on Heroic difficulty.
      • Rageface's Face Rage is now slightly less rageful, as the increase of the rate of damage per tick has been reduced.
      • Creatures linked to Shannox will now respawn every 4 hours until he is killed, up from 2 hours.
    • Zul'Gurub
      • High Priest Venoxis and Zanzil have had the damage of many of their spells and abilities reduced.
  • Items
    • Cauldron of Battle and Big Cauldron of Battle no longer lose flask charges from repeated clicks when players already have one in their inventory.
    • Eternal Embers dropped in the Firelands raid now bind when picked up. Master Looters are only able to give Eternal Embers to players who are on the quest All-Seeing Eye.
    • Paladin tier 12 2-piece set bonus: It should no longer be possible to get a double proc of Flames of the Faithful.
    • Many item procs were not being triggered properly by melee auto attacks after a hotfix made yesterday. This has been corrected.
    • Holiday Rewards
      • Satchel of Chilled Goods, Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest, Heart-Shaped Box, and Loot-Filled Pumpkin will no longer remain in character inventory once the associated holiday is over. Players must loot the items from these caches before the corresponding holiday ends. More information can be found here.
  • PvP
    • Arenas
      • The Ring of Valor
        • There is no longer a 6-second delay on the rising of the pillars after the match has begun.
      • Quests & Creatures
        • It is no longer possible to complete some daily quests more than once a day by turning them in during a small window before the standard reset time.

The news is already rolling out for the upcoming WoW Patch 4.2! Preview the new Firelands raid, marvel at the new legendary staff, and get the inside scoop on new quest hubs -- plus new tier 12 armor!

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