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RuneScape announces clan citadels


Jagex made a huge announcement today, one sure to bring beaming smiles to the faces of all RuneScape fans. On July 26th, RuneScape will see a monumental new addition in the form of clan citadels. These fortresses aren't any ordinary castles, though. They're floating castles! That's right, clan citadels will be situated on levitating pieces of earth high above the clouds, providing an undoubtedly breathtaking (and vertigo-inducing) view from the top.

Acquiring one of these prestigious strongholds will be no mean feat, however. Clan members will need to work together to gather the considerable resources required to construct their citadel. Progression will be tiered, allowing players to watch as their guild's home grows before their very eyes. The citadels will boast "a huge range of customization options" to ensure that each clan can craft a stronghold that suits its taste. This members-only update will go live on July 26th. Until then, keep an eye out for more news on RuneScape's newest undertaking, and head on over to the official site for the full details.

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