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Solar Cross e-bike soaks in the sun, powers your pedals


Ah, the bicycle -- that first symbol of locomotive independence from our youth. How we've often wished you came with a motor, solar power and some rechargeable batteries to make that ride less... taxing. Well, chin-up childhood glory days, because Terry Hope's done all that and a bit more. The self-described EV enthusiast outfitted a Specialized FSR bike frame -- chosen for its double crown suspension fork -- with an array of three solar slats, a 24-volt one horsepower motor, and three 5,000mAh Li-ion batteries to assist your pedaling on those grueling uphill climbs. The sun-soaked panels powering this 18-speeder's motor are a homemade mix of polycarbonate sheeting, aluminum and 18- x 6- x 6- inch mono crystalline cells that generate a combined 8.7-volt charge to the batteries of your choosing. While its beneficial turbo boost isn't intended to replace that Harley you've got covered in the garage, it will takeover on those lazy days when you just feel like cruising. Hilarious robot voice over for the environmentally-conscious cyclist after the break.

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