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Yamaha's TNR-i app lights up iOS with its musical stylings, dashing looks


We've seemingly unearthed a whole lot of alternatronica in the past few days (not that it's a bad thing), so you'll understand when we enter yet another combatant into this abstract ring. Looking more like a complex game of Simon and almost playing like it too, Yamaha's TNR-i app apes the functionality of the Tenori-on for your iOS instrument of choice. Ringing in at a hefty £11.99 (that's $19 bills, yo), this 16 x 16 grid of orchestral lights crams six performance modes and online multiplayer functionality that more than justifies the price tag. Considering this is a CliffsNotes version of the real thing, you'll feel right at home in that amateur robot drum circle. Hit the source to get your own melodious light bright on.

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