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Final Fantasy XIV outlines attack plans for patch 1.18

Eliot Lefebvre

Final Fantasy XIV's next major patch doesn't currently have an announced date beyond the ever-ambiguous "soon," but two of the central features will be the reworking of the battle system and the implementation of the auto-attack system. Considering the game's current balance around the Stamina gauge, players knew that there would be some rather significant gameplay changes for battle. A good portion of those changes have been outlined in a recent preview post, complete with promises about future updates to the system.

The three biggest abilities being changed are those whose functions depended on the Stamina gauge -- Speed Surge, Ambidexterity, and Chainspell. Speed Surge will be shifted into a straight haste effect for auto-attacks, Ambidexterity will allow for increased blocking chance rather than reduced action cost, and Chainspell will simply have its Stamina-reducing properties removed. There will also be changes to the various basic attacks that are purchased via guild marks, with recasts adjusted to make these attacks still relevant and useful. Final Fantasy XIV players should check out the newest preview to get a clearer picture of what the game will look like after patch 1.18 drops in the near future.

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