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Lineage II releases new dev diaries

Jef Reahard

Lineage II has long been NCsoft's forgotten MMORPG, at least outside of Korea. While City of Heroes is experiencing a resurgence of interest following its F2P announcement and Aion is poking along at the same steady pace it's been enjoying since release, Lineage II recently went live with a huge and game-altering update that barely registered in terms of the Western MMO psyche.

The title nonetheless has its devoted and its die-hards, and it's also got significant dev resources still attached -- and those devs are cranking out the fixes and the content updates. While we're talking about updates, the official Lineage II website boasts a couple of new ones, starting with a nod to Player Appreciation Week as well as a Goddess of Destruction-focused blog by Sace (Lineage II's community manager).

You can also check out the official Goddess page for more info on the upcoming mega-patch.

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