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Report: Black Rock's final game was a freemium DOTA-style RTS


"Champions Alliance" was allegedly the title of the last project the soon-to-be shuttered Black Rock Studios was working on, according to a Eurogamer report. The game was allegedly a DOTA-style RTS, starring teenagers flung into an alternate dimension (okay ...). The project was said to be quite far along, with pre-production wrapping and a free-to-play business model set in place before Disney made its decision to close the dev house.

"The game was intended to be released quite quickly, in beta anyway, in about six months or so," an anonymous source tells Eurogamer. "The idea was that you had to do PVP and PVE to gain XP to somehow escape." According to the source, "Disney seemed unable to work out what to do with the studio and didn't trust us to do anything other than racing, really."

Since Disney is prepared to close the studio now, we wouldn't be surprised if footage of the unannounced project starts popping up in the near future.

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