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Star Wars: The Old Republic reintroduces the Bounty Hunter progression


Those wondering whether Mandalorians would be involved the in the Bounty Hunter storyline need look no further than the latest progression video released for Star Wars: The Old Republic. In it, the BioWare community team displays the class armor progression but also shows us parts of the Bounty Hunter story. Based on the image above with the Mythosaur-like skull, it could easily be said that Mandalorians throw some sort of tournament for your character to participate in. You can decide whether this is a class story you are interested in by watching the character progression video after the break.

Also, as with all the progression videos TOR as released thus far, we see five possible looks for the character beyond the initial set of armor. Most importantly, we bear witness to many of the powerful gadgets in the Bounty Hunter arsenal. Powertechs appear to specialize in short-ranged AoEs like the carbonite blast and flamethrower, whereas the Mercenary is clearly about ranged power with his dual pistols and wrist-rockets.

The full progression video follows after the break, and to read more about the Bounty Hunter, be sure to visit the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website.

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