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'UbiCollectibles' shop offers exclusive Assassin's Creed, Might & Magic swag


For die-hard fans of Ubisoft's major franchises, the company offers a new way to own physical totems of those fandoms. It just launched a line of exclusive "UbiCollectibles" available exclusively through its online shop (and, at the moment, exclusively in Europe).

For those of us outside of Europe who get redirected out of that region's online shop, Ubiworkshop posted images of two of the first offerings: an Assassin's Creed Brotherhood "Ezio's Fury" statue, limited to 2,000 units, that depicts Ezio furiously skipping on some broken columns, and a statue of Might & Magic Heroes VI's Archangel Michael, limited to 500. The shop will also sell Ghost Recon "Production Team" t-shirts, as seen on ... the Ghost Recon production team at E3.

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