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Experience 21x XP during Gears 2's 4th of July weekend

Jordan Mallory

We have a sneaking suspicion that Epic Games' Joe Graf may actually be a real-life hobbit in disguise, because he's giving everyone else presents on his birthday. In celebration of his 42 years of being alive (as well as that whole American freedom thing), Epic Games has turned Gears of War 2's XP knob all the way up to 21-times-normal from now until 9 A.M. EDT on July 5th.

The game has also been tweaked to provide 4-times the normal amount of ammunition for the Hammer of Dawn, as well as the mortar, so those without fireworks can have almost as much fun blowing things up in their living rooms over the holiday weekend. Virtual things, we mean ... let's not nuke the coffee table, alright?

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